Satisfy your craving for mindfulness and exercise by practicing yoga in a unique and intimate environment. Certified instructors bring you an immersive yoga journey influenced by the ever-changing art filling the space that surrounds you.

Surround yourself with art while flowing through asanas


Take a journey through the mind of the artist. The meaning behind the artwork is themed through sequences and storytelling.


Rotating artwork brings new life to the Gallery every month. You’ll never get bored with the ever changing scenery.


Deepen your practice. Small classes allow teachers to give you more individual attention and adjustments.

The “art of yoga” brings on a whole new meaning at Gallery Yoga. Our classes bring Asana practice into the Art world, combining two seemingly different forces which both evoke transformation and inquiry. The story behind each artists’ work is weaved through class to encourage an extra sense of thought-provocation, taking you on a journey through the emotions portrayed through the canvas. With artist changeover every month, no single experience will ever be the same, each eliciting a new theme of feelings and revelations. Classes are small and personal, so you’ll get the benefit of a private session for the price of a normal yoga class. Grow your yoga practice with more attention from teachers to assist with alignment and posture.

June Exhibition

Coloured. Lines.

Our current exhibition is curated by Andrew Lockhart and features the works of Pablo Power and Karmimadeebora McMillan. Since her formative years, McMillan has either been chasing or surrounded by color. The mix-matched patterns of her grandmother’s quilting circles now echo in collages, drawing, and paintings. Ms. Merri Mack dolls painted on wood and the large scale imaginary landscape abstractions beckon with mischief and radiate with vibrancy.  Color, too, has an indelible impact on Power who incorporates a variegated palette inspired by the diverse communities he has engaged with. Through journeying around the Caribbean, Power had a profound epiphany that these vivid assertions were more than just visually arresting – they established a simulacrum of homeland.