Our Teachers

Our close-knit community of certified instructors is dedicated to providing a great experience. Learn more about our Gallery Yogis below.

Emily Valentino

My goal in life is to make people happy. Simple as that. If you leave my class even 10% happier (great book by the way), I’ll be satisfied. In order to accomplish this goal, I keep my classes lighthearted and fun. I will challenge you. I’ll push you to your limit but make a joke juuust as you’re reaching it. I want you to realize that if you don’t take it—or yourself—so seriously, you can push yourself a little bit further, on and off the mat.

I like to create a comfortable little community in every class so that we can all be ourselves. It’s OK if you can’t touch your toes (I promise!); it’s OK if you can’t nail those chaturangas, but this is where you can come to practice, to play, to indulge your inner spirit animal.

I’ve been known to interrupt a warm up because my favorite song comes on and I just can’t not do breath of joy during it. If you’ve been to my class, you know. This little bit of spontaneity will keep you on your toes. I don’t want you to be bored and I won’t let our practice become monotonous.

If you want a positive, uplifting experience while breaking a sweat to let out all those toxins, I’m your girl.

Rachel Isacoff

Yoga has been a part of my life since 2010. While I definitely feel a high when going upside down, I love that yoga has given me a universal language to articulate my values. I approach both my personal practice and my teaching with humble curiosity and thoughtful consideration.

In my teaching, I make space for all to feel safe and empowered. Influenced by vinyasa and ashtanga forms, I teach physically challenging yet spiritually uplifting classes, focused on intelligent sequencing and alignment within your body and mind. I believe every day and every practice is an opportunity to develop a finer balance between effort and ease.

Sara Kohler

Sara is a Brooklyn based actor, movement artist and yoga instructor. She is passionate about finding freedom from physical, mental, and emotional barriers, and believes that the cure is movement.

She began practicing yoga as a way to distract herself from the stress and anxiety of everyday life. She found that through connection to the breath and movement of the physical body, she is able to explore and enjoy life as a more curious, spiritual journey. Sara is eager to share love, gratitude and permission with her students, as well as great music! She also enjoys incorporating some of her movement training (Williamson Technique) into her sequences to invite new and exciting exploration.

Sara completed her 200hr teacher training through Atmananda Yoga and teaches group classes at studios in Brooklyn and Manhattan. She is also part of an all women movement company (LAS:NYC) and leads weekly jams with friends. She encourages all of her students to give permission to each other while finding their own stability and power through the practice on and off the mat.